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I'm Apon.

Visual Designer & Creative Technologist

Long story short, a guy who designs and codes, and everything in between. Graduating MFA Design and Technology at Parsons, New York, this May. Will work for food.

Wanna learn more?

Apon as child was a hacking maniac and a crazy maker. Quacking Architecture, Product Design and Graphics Design but did not feel like it. Spent 2 years teaching CommDe and met Joexpo, got inspired and made it to NYC. Currently in love with data, Node.js, and network.

or sneak into my playground or thesis about data monopoly, perhaps.

Historiscope w/ Alex Samuel, Bobby Fata

Link: Historiscope

Historiscope is an urban intervention/installation that let people take a moment to reflect on the history of culturally-rich neighborhoods and encourage busy people to pause to appreciate public art. We explore the overlapping layer of the old image, using a simple transparent sheet, to the real space, trying to precisely map them into a single layered picture. So far we’ve been installed and user-tested in Chinatown/Little Italy and Williamsburg, Brooklyn area.

A playful two-person cross-device chat application. Together they can raise a virtual representation of their relationship as it grows. Evolution as we grow, Your text-based conversation will grow the GROW. It’s not only being touch-feeding, but also hearing from you.


PolyPollock(Mobile), is a collaborative painting web application, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s painting technique with a digital 8-bit twist. PolyPollock reflects the idea of how a mobile device is being treated as a ‘smart controller’ and with the Open Web technology it connects and harmonizes multi-user together in real-time environment. It conceptually transforms mobile devices into a virtual brush. And with built-in motion sensor it detects your hand gesture and translate the movement into the virtual projected canvas.

Tweather Board

An in-house display designed for self-satisfaction. It is highly customizable for showing twitter feed, also equipped with infrared sensor that triggers weather mode when you wave at it.

Memories of the Future w/ Melanie Crean, Dimitri Stancioff, Jane Friedhoff

Link: Memories of the Future

Memories of the Future is a lightweight iOS and Android mobile application made entirely with Cordova, an open-source web-app engine, to minimize the heavy lifting of developing both native codes. And as Javascript is rapidly growing and has made improvements in speed and flexibility, we are able to craft and deliver an app-like user experience. The app itself does not depend on any JS mobile engines which only slows down the entire app, but instead uses a front-end template engine like Handlebars to inject and render the certain page in a flash. The database is handled on the cloud using Parse, and its API to synchronously pull information and render on Leaflet, a famous open-source mapping engine. The app also offers an effortless way of maintaining and moderating the content from both curators and users by using cloud services like Parse and YouTube. Coming soon on AppStore and Android Market.

AIRNALYTICS w/ The Metropolitan Museum, NYC


Airnalytics is an ongoing project I collaborate with The Metropolitan Museum and the Visitor Service to help measure and visualize visitors in real-time using WiFi tracking tool. The idea is to measure both qualitative and quantitative data by capturing and analyzing WiFi signal transmitted from the visitors' mobile device. The project is supervised by #metmedialab to make sure there's no private information collected.

PlayNote w/ Noa Dolberg, Elizabeth Clare

Link: PlayNote

The PlayNote Collaborate! interactive experience is a new way to connect audiences and create a network through the act of creating a single melody. It also references human relationships with our devices, offering an opportunity to actively engage with others in the physical world through their device's interface. PlayNote is running on Node.js and visualized with D3.js
PlayNote was exhibited at SXSW 2014 and was presented in nycmedialab meetup.

YES/NO Thailand

Born during 2013-2014 political crisis in Thailand, a radical poll app that aggressively asks your favor from random political news to your preferred side.

Parsons Paris

I was commissioned from Parsons Distributed and Global Education to serve as web designer and developer for the Parsons Paris School Magazine website as it is officially launched in 2013. In this particular job, I had dealt with every detail of the design from scratch: ideation, organizing information, and theme building. The goal is to capture the sense of bold and richness as Parsons Paris aims to be.

Pelada w/ Gabriel Gianordoli

Link: Pelada

Pelada (or Squared Soccer) is a multi-player game built with Open Web technology like WebSockets and HTML5. It turns the phone into a controller that control a player’s position on the desktop screen. The game uses Matter.js for handling physics.